Venture Unplugged: Justin Kan on Twitch, Atrium and Happiness

Justin Kan is the founder of Twitch which he sold to Amazon for nearly a Billion dollars. In this podcast, Justin Kan and Mayra Ceja discuss

  • How Justin founded twitch and sold it to Amazon for nearly a billion dollars and his daily habits to achieve happiness. Justin Kan is also the founder of Justin.TV and Kiko

  • Kiko as part of YCombinator’s first batch that included Mike Seibel, the founders of Reddit, and Sam Altman, who became the President of YC and founder of OpenIA.

  • Justin has also invested in successful companies like Cruise, Ripley, and Zenefits.

  • Today, Justin is focusing on a new company called Atrium, a tech company that provides legal services to startups. Atrium has raised $75 million from top venture capitalists like Andreessen Horowitz, First Round, and General Catalyst among others.