Untold Stories: Samson Mow on The Bitcoin Civil War And Big Block Bandwagon

Charlie and Blockstream’s Samson Mow discuss…

  • Bitcoin surviving China’s attempts to stifle it and the quirkiness of the crypto space

  • The Bitcoin Deep State

  • Fees and Network Security

  • Troll Armies and Why There’s Not One for Bitcoin & Bitcoin Blockchain

  • Liquid and Lightning

  • The False Narrative Around Bitcoin Energy Use

  • The Uncalculated Energy Use of Gold and Fiat

  • The Trade Off Between Privacy and Convenience

  • The Big Block Bandwagon

  • Bitcoin.com Bait and Switch

  • Bags, Hope and Maintaining the Party Line

  • Blockstream and Satellite

  • Mass Adoption of The Lightning Network

  • The Importance of Bitcoin as a Settlement System, Not a Payment System

  • How Proof of Stake Degrades Over Time


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