Untold Stories: Ian Balina from Uganda To The Crypto Big Time

Crypto giant Ian Balina is one generation away from a Ugandan village. Hear how he and his family worked their way from remote village to amazing success on this week’s Untold Stories, along with:

  • How death threats changed his point of view, why you should “burn your ships,”

  • Why low self-esteem creates the best salespeople

  • How taking responsibility and educating yourself is the surest path to freedom

  • How hard times separate your friends from the fakers

  • Why it’s important to be “psychologically unemployable,”

  • The craziest pitches he heard during the 2017 ICO stampede

  • His “I made it” moment

  • How he stayed free for a week at a 5-star NY hotel

  • How to live a decentralized life without getting burned out

  • The number one red flag for a crypto project.

Prefer to read the interview? Check out the full transcript here

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