Untold Stories: Brian Hoffman Leaving The Government For OpenBazaar

OpenBazaar founder Brian Hoffman talks about leaving his elite government job to grow a startup but covers some fascinating ground as well as:

  • How he took the good ideas and good tech of Silk Road and DarkMarket to create OpenBazaar

  • How far ahead government technology is than we know

  • What it’s like to go from privilege to understanding the wider world

  • How building large, peer-to-peer networks tends to skew toward centralization

  • How government agencies are at odds over crypto, with some using it to catch crooks and others in clandestine operations

  • The rollout of OpenBazaar’s app Haven

  • The importance and moving forward on better cryptography for crypto

  • How Brian’s in-laws experience of the Iranian revolution changed his worldview

  • How taking yourself too seriously can backfire

  • And what it was like for Brian’s boss to see his name in Wired magazine before he did.

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