Untold Stories: Amber Baldet From J.P. Morgan to Clovyr

Fortune Magazine named Amber Baldet a top 40 under 40 for leading JP Morgan’s blockchain program, founding Clovyr and being a leading thinker in the space. Listen in as she and Charlie cover topics like:

  • Her thoughts about ZCash and the ZCash Foundation

  • Understanding the spectrum of total centralization to total decentralization

  • How blind faith leads to blind spots&nbsp

  • Why permissioned blockchains don’t compete with permissionless blockchain

  • Using blockchain for a coordination layer rather than data storage

  • Why the crypto space is bad at recruiting engineers

  • The failings of the cypherpunk movement

  • What will drive adoption of crypto

  • ZCash and its move toward greater decentralization

  • How crypto is crowded with social misfits and where that’s going

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